Religion and Spirituality to lead a happy life

Religion and Spirituality to Lead a Happy Life

Whether you identify as ‘spiritual but not religious’ or not religious or too religious, it is undeniable that religion and spirituality can be used together to lead a happy, fulfilling life.

Religion and Spirituality to lead a happy life

Our world abodes people belonging to diverse religions all with diverse cultures. Either you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or any religion. All religions are formed on the basic principles of kindness, truthfulness, faithfulness, and sacredness. Religion gives you a realization about how to live your life. It teaches you what is right and what is not and how you can add meaning to your life by walking on a path laid by one’s religion. Spirituality is an internal or soulful connection that does not tell you what is right or not but instead escorts you to inner fulfillment and peace. Spirituality and religion hold a different meaning for different people but my belief is they both are the two sides of the same coin.

This generation either does not believe in religion and those who do does not practice it in its true essence. Some even follow their religion blindly. Everything has something that has to be changed with time. Same way every religion have certain culture or rituals that need to be changed as time passes. We need to understand what religion and spirituality are in their true sense. Also how one can make their life worth living by following them using their own perception in the right way.

Religion in its true sense

All of us belong to a certain religion. Though you might not believe in any religion at all yet for the society you belong to that certain religious cult which you were born in. Believing in religion or not is every individual’s own decision and all of them have sincere reasons for doing so. Following a certain religion does not mean that you start hating every other and start thinking that your religion is superior and all others are hypocrites. No religion in the world promotes hate, superiority or inferiority, disputes or any other pessimistic things. All religions want you to lead a happy, serene life.

If we study pieces of literature of any religion around the globe, we will find that all share the same basic principles. They are equality, humanity, faith, truthfulness, charity, compassion, harmony, forgiveness, non-violence, detachment and so on. All the religious creeds have the same cornerstone. The paths to salvation laid by all religious groups are different in ways. But the destination for all of them is one- ‘Emancipation from the World’.

For today’s world religion is more of a thing to fight on. They don’t practice it but they use it as a tool to initiate wars around. People are spreading hatred under the name of religion. This is the reason the number of people who have left no belief in religion or god is increasing. People need to understand that the first religion of every human is humanity. Then comes the other religion which they were born in. No matter which religion you practice, you should not forget that what comes first is your duties as a human. Being human is to lead a happy life.

Religion and Spirituality as two sides of the same coin

Spirituality is a complete devotion and dedication towards your faith which will serve you eternal peace and happiness. You cannot say you are loyal to your religion if you do not spiritually attach to it. Spirituality is an immortal connection that is beyond the realms of the physical world. Spirituality is in your prayer. You pray to God devoutly as there lie no boundaries between you and him, you soulfully connect with your creator in your prayer.

Spirituality resides in your connection with everything you truly love. Be it your mother, father, friend or your pet you spiritually connect to all of them. You can always feel in your heart when they are sad, happy, angry and when they are lying or hiding something. The spiritual connection vibes you about their emotions.

religion and spirituality lead a happy life

Spirituality can be achieved through meditation. Meditation is how you learn to escape your physical bodies and enter the metaphysical world. You can add peace, purpose, and meaning to your life by practicing your religion spiritually. Don’t follow any religion blindly just because you were born into it. Study your religion. Learn all its principles, cultures, and rituals. Learn the reason behind why they have been proposed. Accept your religion by applying your own perspective. And don’t just follow it for the sake of following. Accept it spiritually.

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