Depression in our mind

Depression is not a disease

Depression is a mental breakdown of person, where a person feels sad and unhappy. This is a condition in which a person only thinks about negative things in life. Depression has become the common problem amongst people. Around 350 million people are suffering from depression around the world. Depression, sometimes affects the day to day activities of a person. The activities being effect changes the life cycle of a person. Disease affects the person mentally but not for a long time like depression. Depression is more than feeling unhappy but not a disease. The people tend to feel more lonely. Few life changing events in the life can be a great cause of depression is a person’s life. Long term unemployment, uncaring relationships are the major exposure to depression. The persons having low-esteem gets into depression worrying too much.

Depression affects every age group people affecting in different ways :
1) Teenagers- Adolescence is always an unsettling time in a life of a person where he faces many things. Uncaring relationships, rejections can hurt them at which the teenagers overreact. Facing all these problems they get into depression.
2) Women- Married women tend to face depression more due to hormonal and reproductive changes.
3) Adults- Adults feels depression due the unemployment, work stress or other changes.
Be it depression to a teenage, women or adult , it affects everyone at the same pace and same way.

From where does it come in our mind?

Depression is a psychological aspect which determines the person’s soul being neglect. The depression in our mind comes due to psychological aspects. When we are in a problem, we do not examine the whole problem, instead we only look at a part of it. When we worry about cynical aspects, the reactions of on our physical body is the same as mental. Depression is not disease, as disease is an abnormal condition in one’s body which can occur due to any injury. Depression is a serious mental condition but not a disease.

Symptoms of depression

· Feeling sad most of the time – When a person is in depression, he/she tends to feel sad most of the time without any reason.

· Getting hurt easily- When a person is in depression he/she gets hurts by having bad thoughts.

· Crying easily- When a person faces depression, he/she tends to cry very fast.

· Loss of interest- When a person is in depression, he/she losses more interest in the things and happenings.

· Less interaction with people- When a person faces depression, he/she interacts less.

· Disliking everything around- When a person is in depression, he/she dislikes everything.

· Feeling not worthy- When a person is in depression, he/she feels less worthy.

· Back pains and headaches due to thinking too much- Thinking too much causes headaches.

· Suicide attempts- When a person feels less worthy, he attempts to suicide to end his/her life.

· Irritability- Everything around irritates a person due to the lack of interest.

· Worried thoughts and actions- When a person is in depression, he feels more worried than usual.

· Losing weight- The teenagers and the children who gets depression losses weight.

· Harming oneself- The person in depression thinks wholly about

· Not eating properly- When a person worries too much, it reduces the hunger which results in bad health.

· Loosing memories- When a person gets in depression too much, he starts to lose his memories.

· Suicidal thoughts- A person in depression gets frequent suicidal thoughts to end life.

In few people, depression is noticeable due to their actions in day to day life. Sometimes the people are helpless themselves to feel so. Depression lasts upto 6-8 months. Depression can occur due to environmental changes of a person.

“People talk about physical fitness, but mental health is equally important. I see people suffering, and their families feel a sense of shame about it, which doesn’t help. One needs support and understanding. I am now working on an initiative to create awareness about anxiety and depression and help people”. – Deepika Padukone, Actress

How can we overcome depression?

As depression is not a disease it can be overcome if a person is willing to come out of it. Depression can be overcome by changing the lifestyle. The person suffering from depression should indulge in things that makes him happy.

1) As disease requires the treatment from a doctor, depression can be overcome if a person is willing to come out.

2) A person can visit a physiotherapist, a doctor who deals with the solves problems and helps the people.

3) The other way to help yourself is by sharing your problems to your friend or any of your family members.

4) There are a few medicines which a doctor may recommend to get out of depression which is suitable.

5) Medication is another way which can help you to overcome depression by yourself.

Depression is not a disease, it is only the negative thinking of a person which directly affects the person completely whereas disease is some disorganization in the human body and it’s functioning. 


depression is not a disease

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