A comprehensive guide on how to start painting

A comprehensive guide on how to start painting

The day you have the answer to how to start painting or how to start drawing?! Unquestionably, it will turn out as the most important day of your life. Now it’s a matter of knowing how to find your art style? Creativity and innovation are a pair soon to follow after that. Furthermore, the traditional belief that time and resources are the two vital ingredients to master any field is not everything in the area of art. Besides, it requires an equal amount of right intention and willingness to get suitable results.

Start the most important day of life by drawing

Start the most important day of life by drawing
Draw whatever you feel like

Everyone has their own set of likings and preferences, be it any field. Most of the times, it might seem unachievable, and hence, they settle for something which they don’t enjoy doing. Moreover, that’s not the case with art, because no one is forcing to start painting; the fire has to come from inside. Although there are multiple online sources, showing how to paint, yet none explains how to find your art style?

Recognize your zone of interest 

There are zero chances of becoming a master in a particular field without liking it. If the person enjoys painting as a hobby, and not as a profession, then so be it. As a kid, we used to draw the favourite cartoon, food and figures that fascinated us the most. See, everyone has something they obsess about, and the experts say focus on what interests you the most. Once an individual understands that interest is acting a primary layer of fulfilment in how to start painting?! He can seldom begin his art.

Have the necessary tools to paint

There is an old saying that “A good tool improves the way you work and a great tool, the way you think,” and we cannot agree more! As an artist, every individual needs his equipment which assists him in drawing. To start painting, HB, 2B pencil, watercolours, acrylic and pastel, are a need. Owning the right tools is the first stage of knowing how to find your art style. 

Determine the nature of skill required 

Now, once the person has the will, along with tools, he can analyse the task, and plan the skills required. Finding it hard is clear, as the person does not know how to start drawing. But don’t limit yourselves, preferably from thinking out of the box. Aim to meet the stars if you want to live in the sky!

Practice to perfection 

The time that a person spends in mastering a skill is proportional to the result. There are rare chances to nail the art of drawing at the first go. Hence, experts state start painting & practice it, to meet favourable results. The several times, one practices a particular drawing he gets closer to making it perfect. One should recognize his mistakes and should make sure he rectify it in his next sketch.

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”.

Pablo Picasso

Your style

Keep trying new things, till you find your style.
Keep trying new things, till you find your style.

On following the above points and sticking to them no matter what, then a positive result is an outcome. A person should try different drawings, sketches, and figures to know which one suits him the most. This progression from, how to start painting to how to find your art style will take some time, and one should not rush his way into anything, as the results are not going pleas in such a condition.

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