How to prevent teenage pregnancy?

How to prevent teenage pregnancy?

Teenage age

Teenage is one of the best phase in one’s life. However, this is between the year 13 to 19.The phase when a person is not an adult nor a child and the time where you face too many challenges of life, including teenage pregnancy. The phase where everything either looks too good or looks too bad. It is a phase where a teenage worries too much about the pimples, the hair, the looks, the shyness and all your personal things. At this time the world seems unfair. 

Life of a teenager

Life of a teenager is simple as well as tough. Because he/she gets to face many new challenges daily. Friends affect the teenagers the most. Yes, being teenager has some problems and difficulties but there are also some best moments and part of life to be enjoyed. Teenagers have the most strongest brain, they can learn faster and remember things for long. During this phase, they can work and develop their personality and brain. Most teenagers enjoy freedom at this time. They get experience and learn through their mistakes. It helps them to get developed into a better person.

There are many distractions and disturbances that the teenagers face. During this phase, they experience new things and wish to try everything they can. They experience their most mood swings which urge them to do different things. And, above all they get pressurised from their peer groups. There are so many changes that a teenage gets, physical changes, mental changes and many more. They are rich with technology. But, the teenagers lack moral values. The teenagers are lacking moral values and self-discipline. And smallest of morals like respect, care are all lacking in a teenagers.

“Just saying no prevents teenage pregancies the way ‘Have a nice day’ cures chronic depression

Faye Wattleton

How to prevent teenage pregnancies?

Anything in this world can be prevented through education. Education can stop the teenage pregnancies. Teenagers getting pregnant affects the health of a teenage a lot. It is a very serious and long lasting impact on teenagers and their parents as well. The teenagers are the ones who are still in school, so they are not much educated following the poverty as the consequences. The children born also deal with the consequences as pre mature babies.

Preventing pregnancy as a teen:

You yourself as a teen can prevent pregnancy in major ways.
1) Educating yourself about pregnancy- It is a known fact, that if you have knowledge about something, you cannot make a mistake regarding that. If you have knowledge about sex and pregnancy, you will be able to make good decisions about that. You need to learn from stories and experiences and control yourself. You must have powerful knowledge.

2) Bust some pregnancy myths- There are so many pregnancy myths from where you can learn. There are myths related to how can one get pregnant and how it might affect. There is a myth that you can’t get pregnant while on periods, but that is not something true. As, the eggs of a women can be released during any time period of a month. So, you must use protection while getting intimated be it any day of the month. Another myth is that you can’t get pregnant in certain positions, but if you get intimated , there are many chances to get pregnant.

Followed by :

3) Talk to a trusted adult- If you have a doubt regarding your pregnancy, or that you are pregnant, you must talk to a trusted adult. Have some private time to spend with them and share your problems and get the best result about.
4) Be clear about your own sexual values– You must be clear about your sexual values and need. Always remember to take care of things and precautions you must follow. This is an important thing to be remembered during intercourses.
5) Knowing contraceptive techniques- You must have knowledge about the contraceptive techniques which should be taught to the teenagers. Teenagers should be provided with the broad information about this. The birth control methods, information about condoms, and other contraceptive methods should be known by the teenagers.


It is not very easy to gather all the information, but definitely it is important. It is important for a career and health of a teenager. One must know all the necessary information and try not to get in the problems of teenage pregnancy.

Effects of teenage pregnancy

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