How to do magic?

How to do magic?

We all have tried to do some magic tricks in our lives. The result can be varying from miserably failing or amusingly passing. Though we all have worked hard to do some of our favourite tricks, most of us do not know how to do magic. Come on accept it now that we’re bad at fooling others. Here we’re going to look at different types of magic. As we proceed, we’d also know about the greatest magicians and learn about mentalism and sleight of hand. So, brace yourself, and here we go!

Types of magic:

Ritual Magic:

This is one of the types of magic which is also known as ceremonial magic or high magic. This magic is all about long, elaborate rituals. To some, this magic was in opposition to the natural charm. This sort of magic requires the usage of grimoires – which are records of magic used to invoke angels or demons. Enochian magic is linked with ceremonial magic and is all about evocation and commanding of spirits.

Folk Magic:

This is also termed as ordinary folk magic or low magic. It involves curing peoples’ ailments, bring luck or love, discarding evil forces and granting fertility. These are often performed by illiterate workers and tend to change over time. The materials in usage for this magic are twines, wood, coins, nails, feathers, eggshells, and so on.


We are all well aware of what this magic is all about. We associate all sorts of ‘dangerous’ stuff with this term. So, this was performed by witches for all wrong reasons. Witches used this magic to bring sterility, to kill someone, to poison food and bring misfortune to people.

White Magic:

This is one of the types of magic which is used for selfless purposes and is often tagged along with divinity. The practitioners are referred to as white witches and healers. Many people claim to have supernatural powers which were passed on to them through hereditary. White magic was practised through songs, healing, blessings, charms and prayers.

Black Magic:

This is often tagged with evil supernatural powers used for selfish reasons. While white magic is benevolent, black magic is malicious. The concept of satanism and devil worship is taught in black magic. ‘Vodoo’ has been associated with modern black magic and is about curses and poisons.

Easy card tricks:

We’ll take you through some straightforward card tricks for beginners. So, hang on there and get ready to learn some easy card tricks.

The Magnetic Hand

With this trick, you can fool anyone out there. It’s effortless to perform. Your hand appears to turn into a magnet which doesn’t let go of your cards. Watch how to do this trick by watching the video.

The Magnetic Hand!

Levitating a Card

With this easy trick in mind, you will be able to levitate your card in the air. It looks so real and fantastic. You should give this one a try.

Levitate your card!

Levitate and Spin your card

It is the next step in what we saw earlier. Now you can even spin your card after levitating it into the air. This is a simple trick, too, which requires basic stuff. You will know how to do it also after watching the video below.

Levitate and spin your card!

Greatest Magicians


We have all seen him on his show “Dynamo Magician Impossible” and are well aware of how incredible his magic is. He can do everything from freezing water to levitating. His magic is mesmerising and shocking at the same time. He can blow your mind by doing some mentalism too.


Val Valentino

He is also known as ‘Masked Magician’ is one of the greatest magicians of all time. On his show, he even unveils the most important secrets of some of history’s most excellent ever known magic tricks. His magic is clean and amusing.

masked magician
masked magician

Penn and Teller

These magicians are famous for their illusions around the world. Their “Penn and Teller Fools Us” was their most memorable show.

penn and teller
Penn and Teller

Criss Angel

Criss Angel is one of the greatest magicians in history. He demonstrates road mystery traps and life-testing exhibitions. He is not just a master of sleights of hand but also performs other breath-taking acts like strolling on water, levitation and many more.

criss angel
Criss Angel

David Blaine

David Blaine got celebrated worldwide after his show “Street Magic” became a great hit. Some of his magic is so shocking that we wouldn’t believe it at first.

david blaine
David Blaine


Mentalism is all about mind art. It is so fascinating that people start to believe that you possess some extraordinary powers. Practitioners of mentalism usually avoid props and traditional magic tricks. Hence, this is the main reason why they’re called mentalists rather than magicians. Some of the famous mentalists are Keith Barry, David Berglas, Paul Brook, Theodore Annemann and so on.

Sleight of hand

As we all very well know, “Sleight of hand comes with exercise and precision comes with experience”. Sleight of hand refers to excellent skills used by performers to entertain. However, it is closely related to card magic. It is often associated with close-up magic and is performed when the magician and audience are close. It is less associated with stage magic.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this! Now you know so much about magic and magicians.

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