How to let things go? and resentment

How to let things go?

This article would help you get answers about some complicated phases of life, how to let go of anger? how to get go of resentment? how to let go of the past? and how to let things go?

Anger and letting it go

Anger is a natural emotion a person usually faces when something wrong happens. Like, every other emotion, this is too faced from time to time. But, sometimes anger makes much more furious impact on the life of a person which imbalances the relationships and inner self. It is very important to control your anger before it starts controlling you. But, you must know how to let go of anger :

1) Count down- Count down from 1 to 10 when you are angry. And if you’re too mad, count up to 100. You will feel better.
2) Walk Around- When something is making you angry, you must go outside your house and take a walk in the fresh air.
3) Repeat a mantra- Repeating a mantra like ‘you’ll be okay’ will help you reduce your anger.
4) Stop talking- Stop about the things and to the people that are making you angry.
5) Talk to a friend- If something is bothering you too much and making you angry, you must talk to your friend about it. You will get a solution, and you will feel better for sure.
6) Laugh- when you are angry, watch the videos or shows that make you happy, laugh as much as you can.

Resentment and letting it go

Resentment is an emotion and a feeling which is same as anger but occurs when somebody is forced to accept something he does not want to. This is one of the most unwanted situations which a person doesn’t want to feel and wishes to overcome. You can let resentment let go by :

1) Forgive- Forgive as much as you can. It will make you feel lighter in your heart.
2) Share your feelings- Share your feelings with somebody whom you trust and can rely upon.
3) Relax- You must relax. Also Meditate, do yoga, do exercise listen to songs and relax your mood.

How to let go of the past?

Past is something that haunts people in their memories. It hurts people and present feelings too. The people who hold past in their lives, usually relive the whole situation and pain again and again. It is better to let of the past and leave it behind. You can let go of your past :

1) Let it go- Take a firm decision to let go of your past and forget it and stop remembering situations and memories from your past.
2) Express your pain- Cry your heart loud, express what you feel and let it all go in one moment. But, then do not cry for the same thing again
3) Stop blaming others- Do not blame others for your pain and feelings, instead, stop feeling that way which hurts you.
4) Focus on your present- Focus on your present, make new memories and live in the present.
5) Forgive them and yourself- Forgive the people who hurt you and yourself for letting them hurt you. Move on with your life.

How to let things go?

It is important to let things go and make yourself free. Moreover, it is important just to let it be. You can do so by :

1) Forgive – When you start forgiving, you automatically let things go. You make yourself free.
2) Find what makes you happy – Start doing what makes you happy, choose a hobby and make it a daily routine of your life.
3) Meditate – Start meditating and relax your mind.

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Letting go
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