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All about upcoming movie Top Gun 2 Maverick

Top Gun 2 Maverick, the movie is all set to release on June 26th, 2020 in India. The trailer has garnered immense appreciation from audiences all over the world.

For those who have forgotten the plot of Top Gun

The first movie Top Gun released on May 16th, in the year 1986. This was directed by Tony Scott, in association with the usual Paramount Pictures. The movie focuses on the lives of a young, newly recruited navy pilots enrolled in the Top Gun program.
One of the newly recruited pilots is Pete Maverick Mitchell (Tom Cruise). He thinks that just being selected into the program makes him better than most of the pilots and is eager to start the action.
What follows is the harsh reality strike. Cruise, over the course of the movie, realizes what it truly means to be a navy pilot. He learns how to be a good one and copes with the loss of his best friend Goose.

Audience response

Even though the movie received mixed responses from the audience, most of them were positive reviews. They appreciated the performances by the cast, especially Tom Cruise and Mcgillis.
The exhilarating action sequences, the dangerous aerial stunts and the top-notch acting by Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast was a feast for the eyes.

“Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.”

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Movie Collection

The movie collected a whopping $356 million declaring it as a commercial hit.
Surprisingly, production had a budget of $15 million only. This number is small in comparison to the number collected.
In addition to collecting revenue from screens, the movie also was paving way for video games that were released under the same name. This game came in the year 1987 on five different platforms.
In addition to this, it went on to be made for personal computers under different names at different times.
In all, the movie was a huge success.
Because of the huge commercial success of Top Gun, the expectations from people about the yet-to-release movie Top Gun Maverick 2 have risen up and above.

Maverick 2

This movie trailer has finally seen the light of the day after being stopped midway due to a tragic incident. The incident being the death of Tony Scott (the director of Top Gun) in the year 2012.
Bruckheimer, one of the producers of the film, said that they (Tom Cruise and he) have been trying to work things out for 30 years and it was a dream project for them both.
Initially, it was slated to release in 2019, but after some postponement, the movie will release in 2020, but the movie trailer has already come out. And it has been quite impressive.
In one of the interviews, Tom Cruise says that Top Gun Maverick 2 is a tribute to the US Navy. In the movie trailer, we see that Pete Maverick Mitchell mentors a new group of US Navy fighter pilots.
The plot of the movie looks like Maverick has served in the Navy for 30 years, but has his own concerns of not being able to cope up with the ever-changing evolution of the Navy.

What makes Maverick think that he is unable to cope up?

Well, in the trailer, it is clearly seen that Maverick’s boss, during a one on one, says that even after serving the Navy for 30 years, successful combats and an impeccable record, Maverick’s ranks haven’t risen up whereas his potential could lead him to be at the top. It will be interesting to see why Cruise’s rank hasn’t budged.
On the other hand, the only thing that has been taken from Top Gun is the role of Val Kilmer’s. The audience can expect to see a special bond between the two since their friendship goes back to 30 years in the movie itself.

Now to the romance part of it!

Cruise’s love interest will be played by Jennifer Connelly who is the owner and operator of a bar. It will be interesting to see whether Cruise’s character is able to build a rapport and a relationship with Connelly, because in Top Gun, work would always win over love interest due to Maverick’s focus on just becoming a pilot.
Will Maverick be able to cope up with the modernized Navy? Will he be able to balance his dream and love life? What about his friendship with Iceman?
A portion of the trailer shoes Maverick attending the funeral, but it is unclear as to whose demise it is.
It will be interesting to see how the characters take shape in Top Gun 2 Maverick movie.

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