Fashion and young generation

The influence of fashion on the youth

Fashion, undeniably has an influence on today’s youth and changing trends. Is it positive? Or is it negative? Read on to find out.

What is fashion?

Fashion means different to various people. To some people, it may be an imagination or a personal statement. Different people follow different fashion. Beside a trend, it is something which teaches us about the dressing sense and the accessories. Nowadays, it has to tell a lot about one’s personality. Due to the changing trends, the fashion industry had a boom in their work, as there are many new changing  trends coming up each day. It is a popular trend and styles used by people.


Fashion has now become a part of education. The students who loves to follow fashion are taking up it as education. Fashion designing is a course where the professionals teaches about new trends. They teach you to become a fashion designer and put their best creativity to create new trends and fashion goals. This has emerged as one of the most popular pursuing course.


Fashion is what we see in our daily lives. Every generation in the society is being affected from fashion trends because of the changing trends.  But, the younger generation is being affected the most. The young people tend to follow the celebrities, pop stars, and the fashion bloggers. Younger generation find fashion in everything, be it a watch they buy or a school bag they carry. The main changing fashion lifestyle of people Is the television and industry. These mediums creates an urge in the mind of an teenager to look the best amongst others. For some people, fashion has become their comfort. If someody is going to a gym, for a jogging or even for a walk, they want to look fashionable. Young generation is the age group where every one wants to look cool and fashionable.

Positive influence of fashion on youth

There are many positive impacts of fashion on the lives of young generation. The way they dress up shows their personality and thinking. Everybody likes the person who is following recent fashion trends. Fashion is a way by which you actually about yourself. Positive impacts of fashion on the young generation :

1) Sense of free thinking – When a person follows a fashion trend, he feels independent. Having such free thinking makes him/her better thinker in other aspects of life as well.

2) Helps to make connections- When the young generation follows a particular fashion trend, he is liked by most of the people by which he/she is able to make new connections.

3) Creates confidence – A person looking good feels confident. It helps to build self confidence in other things too.

4) Helps to create attractive personality- Looking good helps to develop attractive personality.

5) Pursuing education in fashion- If somebody is interested in fashion, and loves to wear new clothes and follow latest trend, he/she can pursue fashion as their education.

6) Living a colorful life- Following new fashion trends brings colors and joy in life as more people gets attracted and appreciates them and starts communicating.

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” – Bill Cunningham

Negative influence of fashion on youth

As there are many positive impacts of fashion, there are negatives too. Constantly thinking about the latest fashion trends, the industry is somewhere corrupting the mind of the young generating and making them think of clothes and accessories. The important thing a student must do is to study. But, they are more focused towards fashion. Another bad fact is that the one who does not follow fashion does not get attention from anybody. The younger students have started wearing make up at a very early age. The media and the television is showing that it is important to use make up and follow fashion trends to look more pretty and handsome and so the younger generation is blindly following that. Here are some negative aspects :

1) Studies are being affected- The studies of the young generation is being affected. Thinking more of fashion affects their study.

2) Changing focus- The focus of the young generation is being shifted from their career and study. They are more into fashion and latest trends.

3) Spending too much of money- The young generation has started spending too much of money on buying clothes, watches, accessories in order to follow the best fashion trend.

It is important to follow fashion. Latest fashion trends shall be followed by everyone. Following fashion has become a major part of the in the life of the younger generation. Yes, it is important to look good but it is not good if you are being obsessed about it too much. Having too much information about the latest trend do affects the studies and career and choices of a person. One must keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trend but make sure it does not harm the education. Fashion, education and career should be balanced.

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