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Coping With Life Changes and Transition: Guide To Live Your Best Life

Coping with life changes and transitions can be difficult and stressful. Read more to find ways to overcome all obstacles and live your best life.


Life is proof of the existence of a person. God has granted us this life and we must always be thankful for the almighty. We should never take it for granted. Life is completely associated with emotions, feelings, and nature. Everyone on this planet has life and thus have emotions. Plants grow because they have life. Animals grow and feel because they have life. Human beings, animals and plants, all die because they exist, which means they have life. Human beings and animals are able to feel sadness because of their life.

Change is situational. Transition, on the other hand, is psychological. It is not those events, but rather the inner reorientation or self-redefinition that you have to go through in order to incorporate any of those changes into your life. Without a transition, a change is just a rearrangement of the furniture. Unless transition happens, the change won’t work, because it doesn’t take.  

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Living the best life

1) Be Generous- Being generous to somebody means giving them money, time, food and kindness without expecting anything in return. There Is no selfishness associated with being generous. You can be generous to people to make the world a better place. When you are ready to go above what is expected from you, you are being generous. Generosity is the same as showing unselfishness.
2) Don’t be jealous of people- To live your best life, you must not get jealous of people in your surroundings or you meet with. You must not compare your life with others and stay happy with what you’ve received from God for yourself. You should appreciate each thing you have received from the almighty.
3) Be appreciative- Learn to appreciate life. You are one of the people alive on this planet. You have received this life from the almighty. Make efforts to appreciate it wholly. Be productive, help people, stay happy, work hard.
4) Stop bad mouthing others- Do not say anything bad about other people. Stop bad mouthing them. You must remember, that what you say to others tells about your personality. It shows your thinking.


Every life faces problems and happiness. There is no stoppage to a single moment in life. Life is full of victory, joy, pleasure, happiness, success, and comfort. Every human being on this planet has to face the struggle, suffering, and failure. You must not feel sad about some mishappenings in your life. Instead, you must face them with all your power.


There are different life events in every person’s life. We all go through it. Some make us happy and some make us sad. But there are few life events which change a person’s life. The few such life events are :

1) Death of a loved one- The death of the person whom we love is one of the most stressing events one has to face. Everything seems to get apart. Everything seems to be lost. But, what we need to understand is that this is a part of life. That is the meaning of life. Someday, the life given by the Almighty has to be taken away.

We are just not able to accept the fact that we lost somebody whom we loved, and who meant so much to us. But, by the time we learn to live without them. We get used to living without them. But, we never forget them, we always remember them. Such an event can change somebody’s life in a bad way as well as a good way.

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Birth of a baby

2) Birth of a baby- When there is a birth of a baby, a new life is created. Everything seems to be happy. Homecoming of a child makes everything perfect in surroundings. Everyone feels happy. It is one of the biggest happiness in the world to be received.

3) Getting married- Yes, getting married is a happy moment of one’s life but it is also a life-changing event and stressing one. The complete life changes once you get married to somebody. The lifestyle, the habits everything matters and changes eventually. Planning a marriage is also stressful as you wish to get everything perfect without any complaints.


4) Getting a Divorce- Getting divorced after getting married is one of the most stressful events one has to face and go through from life. Not everyone on this planet faces such. But there are many people who go through this. Even if both the partners agree to end the relationship, it still affects emotional and physical ways. You must always try to keep your relationship healthy and happy.

5) Starting a new job- When you start with a new job, you get all new experience in your life. You meet new people, you face new challenges, you somewhere start with a new life. As you don’t get all the facilities and things from the very starting, but you can eventually get used to it. If you find yourself getting affected from the workload or the atmosphere, go and take a walk around to feel fresh.

6) Financial problems- There is an change in life when one faces the major financial problems. Most of the people face this because of the economy. The aspect of life gets changed when there comes the financial problems. Nothing seems to be going right. Because of the financial problems, the life changes. People get stressed up worrying.


The best way you can live your life is by not worrying too much. Appreciating your life. Being thankful for your life. Living your life to the most and thus living your best life.

coping with life changes and transition, live your best life

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