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Best ways to take care of yourself

The article in which we will be discussing the self-care routine, emotional health, ways to take care of yourself, how to stick to a routine, and how to move on for a better life.

Self-care and self-care routine

Self-care is anything an individual does to take care of the mental, physical and emotional health because If you can take good self-care, you will always have a happy mind and soul. It is not very difficult to make self-care; but all you need is  to follow a few things. Those things shall be added to your self-care routine.

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” — Brené Brown

A self-care routine includes the following :

1) Eat when you are hungry- you must eat a proper meal when you feel hungry and stop once you are satisfied because this is like a signal of proving your love to yourself.
2) Sleep when you are tired- You must sleep whenever you feel tired. If you feel problem related to sleep, you must read a novel, dim the lights and listen to soft music. Moreover it will be very soothing to your ears and eyes.
3) Carve out at least 5 minutes a day- Read a mantra, do prayers or anything that gives you a sense of relief away from the chaotic world.
4) Exercise – Similarly, to stay fit mentally and physically, you must spare some time for the exercise.
5) Be true to yourself- You must be true to yourself. You must not hide your feelings and stay honest. This might help you to feel free and independent.

Emotional health and taking care of yourself :

Emotional health is a health-related to our mental aspects of life. It does not affect us physically. There as many problems as depression, stress, anxiety, grief, losses that can affect your emotional health. Therefore, you must know how to take care of your emotional health and yourself as well. It is important to take care of these things to stay fit, healthy and happy.

1) Make time for hobbies- Once you make time for hobbies and other such activities, you will have your mind diverted. overall you will start feeling fresh and positive.
2) Build a good social network- By building a good social network, you will be able to erase the lonely fear from your mind and life.
3) Identifying strengths- Above all, you must find and identify your strengths to know what makes you happy and gives you the power to achieve anything.

How can you take care of yourself?

To take care of yourself, you must follow a few things daily :
1) Exercise – You must exercise daily to stay fit.
2) Stay away from technology- If you stay away from technology, you will be able to enjoy your surroundings and appreciate nature. You will be able to learn a lot more.
3) Find time for yourself- You must spend some time with yourself and enjoy your own company. Go for a walk, sing a song, dance in front of the mirror, just have your own little time.
4) Read a book- Read a book which you find interesting. It will make you learn so much and also it will help you to relax your mind.
5) Take a good sleep- You must always sleep peacefully without any worry. Also, sleeping is known to be one of the best medicines you can have.

How to stick to a routine?

You must stick to a routine in order to take your very important self care. If you lose a track to your routine, you might feel very restless. Hence, You can set a reminder to start something on a particular, or you can even reward yourself for following a routine which might encourage you to do it further.

How to move on?

 Moving on is a very important part of life. Furthermore, it is a difficult phase as well. But, if you have thought about moving on, you can achieve it.
1) Accept how you feel – You must accept your own gut feeling and how you actually feel.
2) Slowly let things go- From whatever you are moving on, will be easier if you let things go.
3) Do the things you love- In order to forget the things which hurt you, you must do the things you love and enjoy.
4) Share with your close friends- You must share your problems and concerns with your close friends which will help you to move on.
5) Accept that you did nothing wrong – You must not feel guilty about anything to move on ahead in your life.

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Self care routine, emotional health and ways to move on are all important aspects of life

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