Death Penalty - a justifiable act or an unreasonable one

Death Penalty – a justified act or an unreasonable one

The world is a beautiful place, and it also has foul acts. There are several crimes in the world too. Some are noticed and some are not. The criminal law includes big thing like murder or rape and small acts like theft and robbery also. People get a prize for good deeds, and punishment for their bad actions. People received death penalty or life imprisonment for a particular crime after an trial also in ancient times. The capital punishment statistics show that the number keeps shaking again and again. There is a need to understand the right to life.

“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Death penalty in ancient times

People received capital punishment for small crimes and an option of punishment avoided it or paid compensation. In the 17th and 18th century also, there was a death penalty for a large number of delinquencies. The criminals moved to the American colonies and again to Australia. Japan had the same procedure too for the trial of capital punishment. Criminals escaped the death penalty or capital punishment with the benefit of clergy and also got free if serviced to the divine. It was in judge’s hand to send them to prison and transport somewhere else.

death penalty in ancient times
A dead body getting rot

The countries also showcased their cruel forms. Rome started drowning their criminals in a sealed bag. China’s death penalty was an other level. They flayed the criminal alive and also boiled them. Europe had methods for capital punishment too. Executions were then public events. The entire town witnessed the act. Rotting dead bodies were displayed and statistics of capital punishment was high in ancient times.

Arguments regarding right to life

People supporting the death penalty also believe that the murderers do not have their right to life. They think that the government should change laws for only deserving people’s execution.

arguments regarding right to life
A traditional place for execution

The opposition believe that the death penalty is taking a person’s right to life. It is not an appropriate act. Also, many people do not understand laws properly. People who have not performed a crime get executed or get life imprisonment. The backwards like black and poor population die because they do not get importance.

Statistics of the death penalty and life imprisonment

Few countries ended the death sentence and saved the right to life. Venezuela was the first to end capital punishment for all crimes. It is too wrong to take someone’s life. They gave them life imprisonment. It is a fact as few of the most advanced countries also have capital punishment under their law. Japan is also one of them. US, India, and a total of 53 countries come under capital punishment statistics. There were like 690 global death penalties in 20 countries in 2018. It is a decrease of 31% from 2017. Also, every year many people get life imprisonment.

Statistics of the death penalty and life imprisonment
A doll getting hanged

Debates are taking place again to see if it is right and fights are also going for people’s right to life or other fundamental rights.

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