Long Term Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation truly is the key to a healthy life. Meditation has many long term benefits as well. Read on to find out.

To meditate is to give rest to your mind
To a rejuvenate your body
Make it fresh and sober
To wash away all the dirt
Of tensions, stress, pain
And thus make your body and soul rich

General Idea:

For our body to work smoothly, heal, we should learn to be calm and be happy. Firstly, quiet the mind and your soul will speak. Take some time for your internal body and your soul. We paint our faces with cosmetics, put heavy jewelry, wear branded apparel to look beautiful. But do we ever care for our soul with is so tired? This is the reason for so much unrest in the world. Today, we suffer from murders, robbery, suicides, wars, diplomatic and political issues, and whatnot. Did you ever think why is it so? It is because our mind is strangled with so many complexities.

We do not give it time. We are always busy in meetings, seeing social media posts, throwing parties or something else. To be someone else we have lost ourselves and completely forgotten what we are. In this fast cosmopolitan life, nobody has time. But if none of us will be at rest then how would the world grow? How would we make it a better place to live in!

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Meditation leads to enlightenment

Meditation is a process of sitting down in silence away from the noisy atmosphere of the world and to focus on nothing but ultimate peace. We have to stop thinking about any other thing but God, the good things we have and forget everything. It’s not easy to define, Meditation, as it is a big term which covers a vast range of practices. Moreover, in different traditions and places people adopt different styles and ideas.

“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”

Ajahn Brahm

How does Meditation help?

  • Firstly, it is to control both the body and mind
  • Secondly, it is introspecting and knowing ourselves more than we have ever known
  • Thirdly, it is to attain composure and peace of mind
  • Fourthly, to get a touch of serenity
  • Fifth, it is an attempt to get good health of body and mind
  • Sixth, we enhance our ability to differentiate between what is wrong and right
  • Discretion of work and rest from myriad and mundane work

From the notes of History:

In meditation, we repeat breathing or utter chants (Mantras) and go deep, interacting with our sub-conscious. We have been doing Meditation since antiquity. Our ancestors used to do this and therefore Meditation can be said as a legacy. Buddhism and Hinduism have always asked their preachers to do Meditation. It helps to increase the number of neurons in our brain and keep them more active. Henceforth, our memory sharpens and increases. In other words, we can that we finally start feeling better. It also helps us to cope up with the common problem of depression. Mood swings, easily getting irritated, nervous, melancholic, taken away by anger are some of the common symptoms that our brain is not healthy. Apart from medicinal remedies, we can easily take the help of Meditation.

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Scientific Reports and Experiments:

A report by the National Health Interview Survey found that the practice of meditation has tripled in the year 2012 to 2017. Not only adults but kids also practice it. In a recent study, we can find that people who were suffering were found to have similar behavior. After keeping them in an observation of some months doctors found that they had all started feeling much better. There was a remarkable change in the electrical signals of their brains. It also resolves the problems of anxiety and insomnia. Because of its amazing results Meditation is winning the hearts of people worldwide.

Our lifestyle demands Meditation

Our lifestyle is so jammed with daily tasks of :

  1. Waking up early with very less sleep.
  2. We do not eat breakfast because we have to reach the office on time.
  3. We keep sitting on computers with our eyes glued to files and papers,
  4. Daily we consume too much caffeine in the form of coffee or tea.
  5. Come home late and consuming the extra oily and spicy- basically ‘tasty’ junk food.
  6. Then using our phones before going to bed and falling asleep.

Summing up:

It is simple, easy, cost-free and effective. Scientists have proved with their research that our ability to focus and concentrate increases with meditation. We have to sit down in a comfortable in an upright position, with eyes closed and complete focus is the right method to do it. But we must remember that it not a one day process but requires consistent effort without break. For better results we must do in the morning and at night. Going out for a walk and doing yoga are also parts of Meditation. This process leads us to achieve tranquility and sentience. Hence instead of wasting large sums of money in medicines and running to hospitals, we must do Meditation. Meditation is a call by the Body!!

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