LGBTQ-Why pray the gay away


Rita Ora’s hit single along with Charlie XCS, Cardi B, and Bebe Rexha ‘Girls, girls, girls’ is a lot more than just a song about two girls kissing each. Talking about ‘Being 50/50 and never gonna hide it’ and ‘I put the lion in the cage and then I lay with her all night’ isn’t just an indication of sexual engagement. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, heterosexual and asexual is a lot more than just labels under the LGBTQ umbrella. A big short-term such as ‘Sexual Identity or Orientation’ when broken down into lucid terms means an individual’s romantic and sexual preferences. This can be a girl-boy equation, a boy-boy equation or a girl-girl equation. Many fail to realize that this rainbow isn’t just limited to same-sex couple involvement. With over 58 recognized genders, the world does have a lot to offer.

Who are gay?

What is common between Lilly Singh, Neil Patrick Harris, and Megan Fox? Besides their love and appreciation for the artistic world, these people have come out in the limelight as gay or homosexuals. The term gay not only implies men with strong emotional/ sexual feelings towards other men. This also includes lesbians, women are attracted to the women and bisexuals who are attracted to both genders. Though women prefer the term ‘Lesbian’ more, all of them hesitate while being addressed as homosexuals due to the negative social connotations and past oppression memories attached to it.

“There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s a lot wrong with the world you live in”.

Chris Colfer
Pride flag

What are the other genders in the spectrum?

The other gender mainly includes Transgender, people whose gender identity (feeling of being male, female or non-binary) is different than the gender they were born in. Not every transgender person confines to the rigidly archaic social constraints of appearances. Asexuals lack sexual interests and are not attracted to people in a sexual context. Against the popular notion, people can be sexually active and yet be asexual at the same time. They masturbate but without attraction to anyone.

Why do we need to know about LGBTQ community?

The simplest answer to this open-ended question is – Awareness. Many teens and adults out there feel confused about their sexual orientation. They feel like a social misfit in this gender confined society. More awareness about the LGBTQ community will not only give them clarity about their identity crisis but will also help the heterosexual be more sensitive. Sensitization towards the community is very pivotal. As a minority, they have been a subject of oppression, ridicule and hate crimes. The LGBTQ community lives in a general fear of social exclusion and mockery, which prevents them from embracing their true identity publicly. Education about various genders will not only help them overcome their fear of being shunned but also make their surroundings into friendlier ones.

What can one do to help the LGBTQ community?

LGBTQ are just normal human beings who don’t need any help from others. But just like normal human beings, they crave love, support, and acceptance. When with a person who is muddled about their sexual identity, making them feel loved and comfortable. When coming out of the closet, and at times, families outright disown the queers fearing the social stigma. Create an accepting and sensitive environment for LGBTQ community which makes coming out easier.

It is a harsh world out there, and a little harmless love never harmed anyone. The LGBTQ community need it now more than ever. Entwine your fingers in your love’s hand, and let the world see that gold pot like love found on the end of the rainbow.

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