Learning to trust

Learning to Trust

In our life, we meet many people. Some become close and some just remain known by their names. We even forget many. Now, the point comes for the ones who remain close to us. Is trust a factor in them getting close to us?

How do we trust
Humans often get confused by the Surroundings

How do we trust?

The human mind still finds a way to categorize these people. Some are those whit whom we take our meal, some are our movie-buddies and some are the ones with whom we gossip a lot. But, do we trust all of them? Any of them? Does our mind not stop us when we are sharing a secret with someone? Tough questions. Well, let’s find answers to these puzzles.

“He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.”

Lao Tzu

What is trust?

Trust can be said an assurance towards someone or something about certain things or abilities or strengths. It can also be defined as a place or object or person where we place our confidence. Trust goes both ways. It may seem a little odd but the trustworthiness of the person before you depend upon your respect and acceptance towards them. If you come as a doubtful person, the candidate before you has no reason to make efforts to gain your trust. Hence, it can be the fastest way to make someone trustworthy: start trusting them. People are bound to respond positivity with positivity. That’s how you start learning to trust one another.

Selecting the right person to trust

Make sure to trust the right person
Choose what’s right for you

Still, sometimes goodness is often confused with trust. If someone behaves nicely towards you, you might start to trust him. Wrong. This can be harmful to you as people might take undue advantage of the same. We need someone who tries to understand us. One who is emphatic not sympathize with you.

So, if we are to trust someone we can take the following advice:

Trust someone who can see the sorrow behind your smile,
The care behind your anger, and the reason for your silence

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