Why do people commit suicide

Suicide is a word which brings a wave of emotions in us. Tension, fear, pain, sadness, anger and all those gloomy words. It is a dark idea which joggles everyone’s heart and leaves a deep scar on everyone’s memory. It is one of the most complex topics whose reasons seem to be simple from above but are very complex to understand. I say this because we never know what the other person beside us is thinking. Even if the person seems to be happy we cannot say that he is happy from within.

The meaning of life is, I concluded: It is important to go through life, neither too hot nor too cold, but more or less in the middle. The Stoics, a group of philosophers who lived long ago thought something similar. You have to take life as it comes, without getting too excited by ups and downs. It all evens out in the long run. And what difference does it make anyway? That isn’t exactly the way they would have put it, but they were writing in Greek at the time.

Dr. Frederic Neuman, Fighting Fear

What is suicide?


Suicide is a type of death which happens when a person takes away his own life due to too much depression. So many people are taking their lives at an alarming pace daily. Be it a teenager or an adult. People suffer from depression and start getting sad for problems in their life which they feel helpless to solve.

Why do people commit suicide: Common behavior in suicidal people

Why Do People Commit Suicide?

  • Firstly, victims start a spiral of over thinking about issues and become pessimistic.
  • Secondly, they start suffering from loneliness and feel that they are being ignored.
  • Thirdly, they live in the past and continue over thinking of past events.
  • Fourthly, consider themselves as a complete waste, and fail to see the real impact they have on the lives of people around them.
  • Fifth, they cut themselves apart from the world and their life becomes gloomy.
  • Sixth, there is only sadness, wrath, agony and pain in their lives which they keep inside their heart.
  • Seventh they stop going out much and interact very less with people.
  • Eighth, they lose interest in anything and look weary.
  • Ninth, they start taking high doze of alcohol and drugs.
  • Tenth, they start talking about the world without them.
  • Eleventh, they start giving their possessions to their loved ones.

Today’s transient happiness:

We all live in a fast moving world. At every step there is competition. In this race to become better and gain that materialistic happiness we forget about ourselves. We lose ourselves to cosmetics, jewelry, big house, a luxurious car, a gang of friends, to lot of food, to travel all around the world. Today’s generation considers that we should enjoy today’s moment, and for them that happiness is daily throwing parties and having booze. What they show us in movie is just for fun and to gain TRPs. Life is much beyond this. We compare ourselves with others and hence start hating us. We must understand that we all are unique. But this point is simple to read but difficult to apply.

To cope up with competition:

Since the day we are born a competition starts. A child soon after he is born has to prove himself. He is judged right from that moment. How is complexion and how he looks . Then as the child grows he is rated on how much is he able to read and how is he performing. After some years people create a whole record of his based on his academic performance. Later the child himself checks himself on the fact how he looks, does he have any special extra-ordinary talent. And then comes the worst part when he grows up in a teenage and starts considering himself useless because he is yet not in a relationship. We have all heard that saying, “All that glistens is not gold.” Yet, we never understand that beauty is only skin deep.

Depression, Voices, Self-Criticism

Superficial Reasons:

When a person becomes suicidal, there lies a persistent longing to get love and attention. The person wants to end everything and get free from their problematic lives. The want to finish this game of daily new adventures where the world is ready to kill you overrides all happiness. They want to avoid the arrows of cruel fortune. They want to close the chapter of their life and sleep to eternity.

Actual Reason why people do commit suicide

But this is absolutely wrong. Everyone has problems. Many people keep themselves fixed in this tornado of problems. There can be many reasons but scientifically its been proved that our brain plays a vital role in pushing someone in the swamp of suicide and succumb him to death. Superficially we feel that a big loss in business venture, a divorce, losing a loved one etc are some of the reasons of doing that. But in reality its a bit natural and needs remedy. In our brain we have neurotransmitters. When there is an imbalance of these neurotransmitters mainly Noradrenaline, Norepinephrine, Serotonin and Dopamine we start feeling sad. Some unknown melancholy holds us tightly and we start thinking negatively. Reduction of these chemicals causes sadness and mood swings.

How do we take stock of our current emotions?

Hence, if we feel like too much sad or stressed we must understand the hidden reason of brain imbalance and must seek medical help. We must talk to doctors and explain our close ones the problems. Sharing our problems is one of the keys to avoid this problem. Life is precious and we must handle with care and promise to love ourselves.

If you or anyone you know is feeling suicidal, feel free to contact us or get help.

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